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Ukrainian/Russian Hand Tied Wefts -100% Human Remy Hair

Check out our new Ukrainian/Russian Hand-Tied Weft 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions.
8 bundles, 100 grams.
The hair is collected from One hair donor.
With true high-quality Remy hair, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles intact and all cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip.
The Lifespan is one year or more.

Prices for one pack of 100 grams, 8 bundles:

Hand-tied wefts are thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts. The weft is flatter and allows the Remy hair extensions to lay closer to the head giving a more natural look. … Machine wefts are easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores. They are the most common type used.

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