What Separates All 100% Real Human Extensions to Synthetic Hair

At Hair Faux You, we specialize in making the best, most affordable hair extensions made from only human hair and, because of that, we got a lot of questions on the main differences between human hair extensions and synthetic hair, which we’re more than happy to provide you with the answers for.

What is “Synthetic Hair” and What is “100% Human Hair”?
Synthetic hair or artificial hair is usually made of a mix of plastics and animal hair. It does a good enough job at passing for natural hair but can be easily picked out if looked at closely as synthetic hair can’t often properly mimic human hairs colors.

100% human hair, on the other hand, is exactly as the name would imply, hair extensions made of only harvest human hair. Often this hair if collected from the cut ponytails of women who donate or sell their hair to manufactures. The hair we at Hair Faux You is often sold as “Remy” meaning we do not treat our hair extensions with chemicals or dye before we wrap and sell the hair.

Pros and Cons of Natural Hair Extensions


  • Provides a more natural look to your hair without needing extensive work
  • Takes easily to hair dyes that work with your own hair
  • Easily styled to any look and acts just like your natural hair
  • Long lasting if maintained


  • Harder to maintain than synthetic hair as plastic is entwined is synthetic stands
  • Has a higher price to synthetic hair for the vastly improved quality

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Extensions


  • Longer lasting than unmaintained human hair extensions
  • Marked at lowers prices than human hair extensions in exchange for quality


  • Can’t be dyed, straightened, curled, or styled without damaging the hair strands
  • Can easily damage your natural hair as application methods are often harsher than human hair extensions 

With such a clear difference of losing quality and the ability to style your hair for only a fraction of a price reduction, it’s an easy to see why so many women pick Hair Faux You as their choice for Remy Human Hair Extensions. Give yourself the style and natural look you deserve with Hair Faux You today and visit our store page for our wide selection of styles and colors.  https://hairfauxyou.com/shop/

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