The Best Way to Use Balayage Clip-In Hair Extensions

You’ve made the leap and purchased yourself a beautiful set of Hair Faux You balayage clip-in hair extensions, but now you’re lost on how to clip and blend them in. If you need a quick, comprehensive guide on the best way to blend in your clip-in hair extensions, then look no further than this very page. 

What You’ll Need to Blend and Style

  • Your full set of balayage clip-in hair extensions
  • Soft paddle brush
  • Hair clip
  • Mirror

A great feature of Hair Faux You’s clip-in extensions is their easy to use and study clips. Each clip has a great grip which helps the weft to securely and tightly attach to the hair without falling out.

Balayage Clip in Hair Extensions

How to Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

To prepare your hair for clip-ins, start off by brushing your own hair thoroughly using a soft paddle brush to get rid of any tangles. Also make sure that your natural hair dry. Lay your extensions out flat and brush along the hair to remove any tangles.

Step 2: Start with a Small Weft

Placing your fingers on either side of your hairline an inch or so below your ears, separate your hair at this place and put the top layer into a ponytail or clip. Most extension sets sold by Hair Faux You come with two or three wefts for the back of the head–these will be the longest pieces.

Take the smallest of these wefts and clip it onto your hair that is not clipped on top of your head. It’s best to start at the back of your head with the middle clip and be sure to get as close to the roots as possible. If you have fine hair or are worried your extensions will fall out, tease the sections of your hair that you will be attaching the clips to, and add hairspray. This might be a necessary step if your hair is very clean.

Once your first clip is secure, attach the side clips as close to your face as possible, making sure there is no bunching along the weft.

Step 3: The Second Longest Weft

Once your first weft is secure, take down about a half inch of hair and again, make sure it’s tangles free. Take the second longest weft in your set and attach it the same way you did your first weft.

Starting at the back of the head with the middle clip, and then attaching remaining clips on either side of your head as close to your face as the wefts will allow.

Remember if your hair is fine, be sure to tease the hair where the clips will be placed. In most of our hair extension kits, this will be your longest weft.

Step 4: Place the Side Weft Set

In general, clip in extensions packs will come with two or four wefts that are all the same width. These wefts are for the sides of the head.

To attach these wefts, take down your hair from your eyebrows down. Pick up one weft and start on either side of your head; this time begin attaching the clips closest to your face first.

Clip the remaining clips going towards the back of your head as far as the weft will allow. Repeat this process on the other side with the matching weft.

Step 5: Final Weft Pieces

After step three you will be left with two or four small wefts, usually only an inch wide. These pieces are for the front of the head and don’t have a foolproof method of placement. They are filler pieces and often depend greatly on the cut of your natural hair.

A good starting point is to let down all your hair and clip them in where you see gaps, keeping in mind these pieces are designed to surround the face. Simply lift a few inches of hair to hide the weft and clip them right in. You may even find that depending on your hairstyle and cut you might wear three of the smallest wefts on one side, and the remaining on the other.

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