Some Tips from One of the Largest Halo Hair Extensions Providers in the USA

When it comes to having stylish hair with plenty of options, volume and length are key. Whether you have shorter or longer hair, halo human hair extensions can offer some great choices in how your hair looks by adding double your natural hair’s volume and a few extra inches your locks.

To help you get from your current hair to the look and feel you want from your style, Hair Faux You is here to provide some helpful, easy tips about maintaining and using halo human hair extensions.

halo human hair extensions

1) Trim Your Extensions to Your Natural Hair

The easiest way to make your halo extensions blend with your natural hair is just a simple trim. While we recommend visiting your local stylist for this, doing some easy trimming yourself isn’t a great challenge. Just line up your extension’s hair to your natural locks to see the difference in shape and do some light trimming until the halo and your hair match up closely. 

2) Apply Colors to Match

When buying your halo hair extensions, you’ll want to get a color that can closely match your natural hair, but you’ll never have anything perfect. To line things up and really blend your extensions, try adding in some highlights and lowlights to your extensions.

3) Adjust Wear You Wear Your Halo

If you feel like your halo hair extensions aren’t working for the style or shape you’re shooting for, try adjusting wear you are wearing and hiding your halo band. Shifting your extensions lower or higher can do some wonders to help you out.

Get the Hair You Want and Deserve

At Hair Faux You, we offer a wide selection of halo hair extensions in the USA and ship to any state. For more information on how our halo human hair extensions can help you achieve the hair you want today, visit our contact information page or start shopping for your extensions today.

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