Halo Style Hair Extensions

Ready to add instant length and volume to your hair? With our halo style hair extensions, you can get the mane you want without fussing over volumizing and hair-growth tricks. Halo hair extensions are a fast and low-maintenance solution for styling your hair.

And here at Hair Faux You, we manufacture our own extensions, bringing you more color and style combinations than many other retailers. From natural shades to neons and pastels, we have the colors you need to match your own hair. You can also choose from solid colors, highlights, and balayage or ombre.

Why Choose Halo Style Hair Extensions?

One of the best things about halo style hair extensions is how easy they are to put in. No glue, tape, or complicated braiding or weaving are needed. You simply pull the adjustable wire around your head and then tease your natural hair over the wire to hide it. Each hair extension comes with two clips to make it even more secure.

Why Do We Use Human Hair?

Our halo style hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. One advantage of wearing hair extensions made from human hair rather than synthetic hair is that it feels softer and blends better with your natural hair. Another benefit is that you can dye and heat style them just like you do with your own hair. To learn more, click on one our products below for a detailed description.

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Showing 1–12 of 28 results